Thursday, 31 March 2016

Recently Fascinated By....

Soundproofing of rooms and vehicles to deaden sound.

Why? Podcasting. Productivity. Creating a conducive environment. And maybe, keeping the outside world from hearing whatever is going on in the house / vehicle.

How? Foam, applied to the vehicle doors.

Games as advertising space.

Why? Because a game is something we will use again and again, over the years. Imagine if you have brands on boardgames and card backs. Imagine buildings and vehicles in video games having brands. This takes brand placement to a new audience, a playing audience.

How? Video games, board games, card games.

Research-related Topics

Currently I'm looking for a research topic. I've been proposed to do something on Guanxi / relationship marketing by one of my professors, and I'm thinking about it. But here are a few other interesting topics that I thought about recently.

  1. Serious games, simulations, and human resource training.
  2. Simulations (video games) and effect on technology acceptance.
  3. Entertainment and its role on new product development.
  4. New product development, and the relevance of Burt's structural hole theory in need/gap identification.
  5. Attribution theory, empathy, and need identification in business model formation.
  6. Intellectual property regime of target import country as moderating factor in internationalization / exports-based expansion.
  7. Technology adoption among elderly persons with special regards to e-commerce.

Monday, 5 October 2015

20 Years On - Don't Look Back in Anger

20 Years ago, I was just a teenager. And Oasis, a Brit-rock band, had just released their stellar album: What's the Story Morning Glory? So this is their song, that was the anthem of that year. I remember my schooling days. I was a nerd in school, glasses perched on my nose, with a bad case of acne. Never popular with the girls. One of my classmates, Syazwan, passed away a few years back. But that's another story...

Then I grew up, went to university, and formed a band called the "Blues Brewers". This song was a staple at our jam sessions. We had four of us: Myself, playing rhythm guitar; Ng Han Lern (Han), playing lead and vocals; Julian Foo (Abracadabra), playing bass guitar; and Damien Loong Tng Ian (Pearlboy), playing drums. Fun fact: We met on IRC. We played at SS2's Jam Studio and Jalan Gasing's Black Widow Studio. We participated in a few BotB competitions -- Battle of the Bands -- but nothing came of it. Maybe it was our blues slant. We played the blues.

Everything quietened down when Han Lern went off to Australia. I didn't even have broadband Internet in those days -- I was on dial-up. TM Net's 1515 was slow-loading and the WWW was known as the World Wide Wait. But the other two guys were based at APIIT (it had broadband) and they kept in touch with him. I met Han a few times after that, at his house in DJ. He got his architectural degree, told me that they loved his "goreng" style over there. And then he got married with a Thai lady architect, and then we lost touch.

Then just about 2 months ago Julian (or Jules, as we used to call him) messaged me out of the blue. Damien had passed away. I could not believe it. I thought that we would get together again someday to play songs. That we'd jam again. Maybe this song. "So, Sally can wait..." Then I saw Damien's Tribute page on Facebook, which his brother had set up. I looked at his FB profile. (I had kept in touch with Julian only.) Damien had become a health freak. Scuba diving. Marathon runner.

I remembered how we used to have tea in the open air square in SS2 after jam sessions. Han with his Dad's big 4WD. How Damien used to furiously break his drumming sticks and Julian tried basslines inspired by U2 and the Police. And Han used to shred the axe in the studio with his "solos" long after the rest of us had gotten ready to move on to the next part of the song. (It was almost like a soliloquy, that guitar and him.)

Here's another Oasis number for you, Damien.

And here's another Oasis number for my former bandmates, Han and Julian. I want to ask them: What's a wonderwall, guys? Twenty years on and nobody's any wiser. But the drone chords sound good, so keep those fingers on G and D and play away. Let the ominous basslines do their work.

And here's a bunch of Oasis songs for old times' sake.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Sometimes it hurts to play the fool

Sometimes it hurts to play the fool
When you shout at me, I try to be cool
But please remember that I'm human too
And sometimes I start feeling blue

Sometimes it hurts to play the fool
You say things that are not true
I tell myself, we'll work it through
If you could calm down and see my view

Maybe it's true, that I'm a fool
And that's because I've chosen you
Beat me well and beat me good
I think I've finally understood

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Hey, How Are You?

Today, the shopkeeper downstairs of my office asked me, "Hey, how are you?"

I looked at her and said, "I'm OK."

She asked again, "Are you well nowadays? Any problems?"

I replied, "It isn't whether I'm well or not well that's most important. It's whether I can do what I have to do, that's more important."

She thought about it. "Yes, you're right."

"In the end," I said, "it's whether we can do our job that really matters to our clients. And in the end, it's whether they want to pay us that really matters to us. If we work, and they pay, then we will all be fine."

She smiled, and nodded her head slightly.

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